Gorilla Guard® Spec 30

Gorilla Guard Spec 30 Roof Underlayment

Gorilla Guard® Spec 30 is a specified high-performance engineered roof underlayment designed for steep-slope roof applications.

Gorilla Guard® Spec 30 offers a greater pull-through strength and lighter weight than traditional spec 30 felt underlayment and is Miami-Dade County approved. Delivering twice the tear resistance of organic felt underlayment and superior breaking strength, Gorilla Guard® Spec 30 reduces slipping, especially on steep roofs, and resists tear-away from fasteners even in high foot-traffic areas and strong winds.

Benefits of Gorilla Guard® Spec 30
Roof Underlayment

A strong, resilient and reliable barrier is needed between roof deck and shingles. The toughness and durability of Gorilla Guard® Spec 30 is an ideal choice.

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