Asphalt-Saturated Felt Underlayment

Gorilla Guard® 30 and Gorilla Guard® SPEC 30 are designed to outperform traditional felt roof underlayment by combining specially developed additives with glass fibers. The superior quality, time and labor saved by using Atlas engineered underlayment encourages more contractors to offer it to customers as a standard product rather than as an upgrade to traditional felt.

Gorilla Guard 30 Engineered Felt

Designed for virtually any type of roof covering, this innovative, technologically advanced product far outperforms conventional organic felt roofing underlayment. Gorilla Guard® 30 lays flatter and has significantly increased tear strength compared to traditional roofing underlayment.

  • 4-square roll results in less handling time
  • 36% lighter than traditional organic #30 felt
  • 28% stronger substrate reduces need for re-work before applying shingles

Gorilla Guard® Spec 30 Engineered Felt

Gorilla Guard® Spec 30 offers a greater pull-through strength and lighter weight than traditional spec 30 felt underlayment and is Miami-Dade County approved. Delivering twice the tear resistance of organic felt underlayment and superior breaking strength, Gorilla Guard® Spec 30 reduces slipping, especially on steep roofs, and resists tear-away from fasteners even in high foot-traffic areas and strong winds.

  • 2-square coverage roll
  • 142% Stronger in Pull-Through Test*
  • 207% Higher Tear Strength*

#15 Asphalt Saturated

Suitable for most standard-pitched roofing applications, #15 felt features a heavy organic mat with high asphalt saturation and excellent tear strength.

  • Heavier roll weight
  • Highly visible alignment lines
  • Easier roll-out with less sticking

#30 Asphalt Saturated

Thicker and stronger than other organic underlayments, #30 felt paper offers superior tear strength and more secure footing for roofers, especially in steep-roof applications.

  • Heavier roll weight
  • Highly visible alignment lines
  • Easier roll-out with less sticking

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