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Atlas WeatherMaster Tile Roof Underlayment

Underlayment is the first layer of material laid prior to metal roofing panels. Roof underlayment plays a vital role in any roofing application. Its primary purpose is to act as a water-shedding layer, providing a secondary layer of protection from weather, shielding the roof deck during construction and is often required for warranty adherence as well as roofs that must meet Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) fire ratings.

WeatherMaster Tile is designed specifically for tile roof applications. This self-adhering underlayment consists of a proprietary modified asphalt and a woven polyester membrane. The woven polyester top surface aggressively bonds with foam adhesives used in tile installation and can withstand stacked tiles without slippage or damage to the membrane surface. The tough, slip resistant poly fabric surface provides a rugged barrier to physical damage, UV degradation, weather and moisture. The unique adhesive layer offers application benefits of cold temperature adhesion and exceptional thermal stability under high heat.

Slope Limitations:  On low-slope roofs, which include 2:12 up to 4:12 pitch, felt courses should overlap a minimum of 19 inches. This provides a double layer of underlayment across the entire roof.

On steep-slope roofs (4:12 and steeper), upper courses of felt underlayment should overlap lower courses by at least 2 inches.


Fastening: Atlas recommends that all underlayment be mechanically fastened using plastic cap fasteners. When installing WeatherMaster Tile, Atlas recommends that the underlayment membrane be back-nailed in the selvage edge approximately every 12 inches. Atlas does not require any additional fasteners beyond this recommendation. However, please be advised that we do recommend contractors follow all local and state building codes with regard to the installation of our membrane

Atlas recommends the use of Atlas WeatherMaster Tile for all tile applications.

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