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FR-50 Fire Resistant Slipsheet

FR-50 fire resistant slipsheets enhance the overall fire performance of many conventional commercial roof systems, including metal roofs. FR-50 are coated-glass fiber mats specifically designed for installation over wood decks or certain combustible insulation. FR-50 incorporates a heavier glass mat than FR-10 to provide enhanced fire performance.

  • Superior protection against flame spread and penetration.
  • A lightweight and easy-to-install roof system component.
  • Part of a “Class A” assembly over noncombustible decks and expanded polystyrene
  • Part of a “Class A” assembly over combustible and noncombustible decks and extruded polystyrene

Fire-Retardant Slipsheets Recommended Uses

FR-50 is specifically formulated for use over wood decks or polystyrene insulation. The proprietary flame-retardant coating and glassfiber mat provide protection against flame spread and flame penetration through the roof system. The slipsheet can also act as a barrier between chemically incompatible insulation and roof membranes. In addition, the sheet may be used in multiple layers to achieve certain Class A fire resistance ratings.

  • Installation

FR-50 Installation Instructions

Atlas Fire Retardant Slipsheets are lightweight, easy to handle and, therefore, quicker to install than thermal barriers or coverboards. The slipsheet should be rolled out, overlapping the side and end of the preceding sheet a minimum of two (2) inches. Consult the membrane manufacturer for specific application recommendations (e.g., slipsheet roll direction perpendicular to membrane roll). Mechanical attachment of the slipsheet is not needed in most applications. The patented coating generally provides enough weight to anchor the sheet until the membrane is installed. Mechanical or adhesive attachment may be necessary under windy conditions. Install only as much slipsheet as can be covered by the end of the day.

Slipsheet Installation Diagram 01

Slipsheet Installation Diagram 02

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Factory-applied packaging is intended solely for protection during transit. When stored outdoors or on the job site, the slipsheet rolls should be stacked on pallets at least four inches above ground level and completely covered with a weatherproof covering such as a tarpaulin.

Warranty and Limitation of Liability

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