Gorilla Guard Floor Protection Board

Atlas WEBTECH® premium Floor Protection Boards protect wood, tile, concrete, stone, linoleum, epoxy, VCT, and most other floor types.

Atlas Web Technologies Floor Protection Boards are perfect for all DIY and professional projects and protect floors from paint, scrapes, and scratches that can occur during a residential or commercial move.

Typical WEBTECH® Paper Physical Properties

Property Test Method Units
Dry Weight TAPPI T 410 lbs/480 ft² 17-55 GSM 171-562
Dry Weight TAPPI T 410 lbs/1000 ft² 35-115 GSM 171-562
Caliper TAPPI T 441 mil 15-45 microns 381-1,143
Moisture TAPPI T 441 % 3.0-7.0 % 3.0-7.0