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Atlas Docs for iPad and iPhone
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Atlas Docs for iPad and iPhone

Atlas® Product Resources At Your Fingertips

Atlas Docs, based on WikiSTIK Mobile technology, gives building professionals fast access to Atlas product marketing and technical materials, manuals, images, brochures, video and web resources. If you're an architect, specifier, contractor, dealer, distributor or anyone who needs quick access to Atlas Roofing's commercial or residential building product information, Atlas Docs will help you stay up-to-date. Comprehensive in scope, you'll find detailed product information for all of Atlas Roofing's product lines: Roof Shingles, Roof Underlayments, Polyiso Roof Insulation, Polyiso Tapered Roof Insulation, Polyiso Wall CI Board and other specialty products.

App Features

Atlas Docs users enjoy fast access to comprehensive and always up-to-date Atlas Roofing product literature as well as convenient links to other Atlas web-based technologies and tools. Here's what you get...

Hands down the fastest way to view and download Atlas product literature including:

Live-search documents across product categories.

Cloud based content ensures files are always up to date.

Pull-to-refresh feature to check for new documents, document categories or product categories in real-time.

Convenient access to other Atlas online tools and resources:

Marketing Assets - View and share Atlas logos and high-res imagery for use in marketing materials.

Shingle Visualizer - View Atlas shingle products, colors and styles on sample houses.

LTTR Calculator - Configure multi-layer polyiso roof insulation systems and see resulting R-value and ASHRAE standard met by climate zone.

Atlas Docs requires iOS 6 and a data or wi-fi connection.